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Updated Weight Watchers® Diet Guide Comes Under Criticism for "Blasphemy" and "Lewdne

The latest revision of the Weight Watchers ® Ireland has come under severe criticism from both The Catholic Church and the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland (ASAI).

A more encompassing list of "foods", which have been rated with Weight Watcher's points include, Communion Wafers, stamps and semen.

Spokesperson for the Church in the Media, Monseigneur Donal O' Sullivan, stated that "The Body of Christ was not a plaything to be counted in some fad diet, Catholics should ignore the 1 point value given to Holy Bread and not be discouraged from taking Communion"

However Weight watchers Ireland spokes woman Glenda O' Rourke had this to say in response.

"Communion Wafers have some calories. Transubstantiation is the process by which the bread is turned into the actual body of Christ, however we have tested Wafers after this has happened and they are still full of carbs, with zero protein. If you go to a wedding on the Friday and Mass on the Sunday it all adds up"

Another Controversial inclusion was that of semen. The average "load" contains a whopping 135 calories, that's the equivalent of 2 weight watchers points. Despite being full of protein, Weight Watchers advices women to use "alternative methods of ejaculation" until they can reach and maintain their goal weight.

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