I've sorted out American Politics

I am going to say something shocking.... but I feel I have to say it, Donald Trump was pretty good looking when he was young - (see Pic1) However the real Donald Trump died circa 1992. After this "Trump" was then played by Australian actor Ray Meagher better known as Alf Stuart from "Home & Away" wearing a wig and his usual corned-beaf face. (pic 3) This was a plan hatched bye the Clintons (pic 4) who have been paying Meagher off for years, a brilliant ploy which they believed would make Hilary the only viable option for the Presidency All this time Bernie Sanders has been playing himself - that's why he's the only candidate with "age appropriate" hair (pic 5) and a lot of integrity (pic 6)

Lady Sitting

As a favour to a friend i recently did a bit "Lady Sitting", minding an wealthy old lady. Her name was Emily, but she prefered "Emmie, because that's what her nanny in Kenya called her" She pronounced Kenya "Keeenya" which shows that her family must have owned half of it. She spoke with that cut glass British accent that you once heard the queen speak with, before she had de-eoluction lesons to make her appear mor normal. I used to work as a care assistant in a nursing home and to be honest I enjoy working with the elderly, generaly they are funny and kind, plus you are always the hot one in the group. I arrived at Emily's house and her daughter, a frustrated barrister, who already had two

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