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Beauty Tips You Never Knew You Needed!  What will REALLY make a woman more attractive.

Confidence is the most attractive quality a woman can have……em….No that's actually a lie, attractiveness is definitely way more attractive. Being hot wins hands down! Failing that here are a few tips to boost your appeal.

Wear a t-shirt with a picture of someone hotter than you printed on it. Rather than comparing you unfavourably to a scantily clad Rhianna, men will be aroused by the image and thus associate this arousal with you, electing a Pavlovian response when next you meet.

Nailed it!

nailed it!

…ooh a bit too far!

…even Rhianna has to do it!

Have a hot mum. You’re mother is like a crystal ball vision of what you’ll look like in 25 years time. Men view women like race horses, they want to see longevity, breeding and the occasional harness. If you’re mum is not up to scratch try to be snapped frequently on social media with a hot older woman. This year I posted this pic wishing “my gorgeous mummy” a happy mother’s day.......

It got 193 likes and I got asked out by 7 guys. Nobody seemed to notice that it was Helen Mirren.

Wear lots of make-up, it’s basically the art of drawing a better looking face onto your own face. Men will tell you online that they like the natural look, however when you meet them with just a lick of concealer on they’ll spend the night asking you “if you’re tired” and staring at some woman who’s got enough paint on her face to cover the roof of the Sistine Chapel.

Layers are key, don’t give up until you feel you could audition for an all-female edition of batman.

Beauticians and make-up girls are not like you, they’re sound women’s women who actually care. Whenever I see my beautician or go to a make up counter I imply that I’ve just been dumped, you’ll get a tonne of freebees and maybe a full make-over. Just be prepared to here a boring story about “Me own fella was the very same”

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