Updated Weight Watchers® Diet Guide Comes Under Criticism for "Blasphemy" and "Lewdne

The latest revision of the Weight Watchers ® Ireland has come under severe criticism from both The Catholic Church and the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland (ASAI). A more encompassing list of "foods", which have been rated with Weight Watcher's points include, Communion Wafers, stamps and semen. Spokesperson for the Church in the Media, Monseigneur Donal O' Sullivan, stated that "The Body of Christ was not a plaything to be counted in some fad diet, Catholics should ignore the 1 point value given to Holy Bread and not be discouraged from taking Communion" However Weight watchers Ireland spokes woman Glenda O' Rourke had this to say in response. "Communion Wafers have some calories.

Beauty Tips You Never Knew You Needed!  What will REALLY make a woman more attractive.

Confidence is the most attractive quality a woman can have……em….No that's actually a lie, attractiveness is definitely way more attractive. Being hot wins hands down! Failing that here are a few tips to boost your appeal. Wear a t-shirt with a picture of someone hotter than you printed on it. Rather than comparing you unfavourably to a scantily clad Rhianna, men will be aroused by the image and thus associate this arousal with you, electing a Pavlovian response when next you meet. nailed it! …ooh a bit too far! …even Rhianna has to do it! Have a hot mum. You’re mother is like a crystal ball vision of what you’ll look like in 25 years time. Men view women like race horses, they want to see

Controversial new Irish website offers customers "reassuringly average looking" babysitter

A controversial new service, launched last month offers customers “top quality child minders”, with a “shy disposition” and “homely appearance” “Sitting Plain” is Ireland’s first ever babysitting service where it’s baby sitters are both Garda vetted, and vetted on their looks so they are deemed “too plain to cause an unwanted reaction from any excitable household males” Spokeswoman and CEO of “Sitting Plain” Lilian O’ Dwyer explained, “Sitting Plain” offers a comprehensive list of baby sitters on our website, we provide full length photograph and a close up shot of each sitter, women can swipe left or right on potential sitters pictures, to ensure they select a top quality sitter that will

What's Your Drinking Style?

So many times I hear people say “I’m an Alcoholic” but do you really need to go to rehab or are you just an attention seeking dry shite? Take our quiz to find out ! Have you missed time out of work due to drinking? A No, just the odd sneaky half day I take off to get my hair done before a major weekends drinking. B Yes, like once a month, but sure me boss is the very same as me! C No, I’m fine once I do a line or two of cocaine at work the next day. or have a few drinks at lunch. 2) Have you ever fallen out with someone due to drinking? A Yes, at Siobhán’s 21st I wanted to have Jello shots and Kelly didn't, we haven’t really been the same since. B Yes, sure don't we all, but sure you jus

Womenkind left distraught as magazines finally run out of sexual positions.

Last night, women suffered an unexpected blow in the battle of the sexes when Cosmopolitan editor, Joanna Coles, announced that they had “finally published every sex tip and position known to man” Speaking on behalf of the FOWMPE (the federation of women’s magazines and publications for the elderly) Joanna stated that there was now what she deemed a “crisis” in women’s literature. “Since the sexual revolution of the 1970’s (that’s the 90’s in Ireland) women’s magazines have been finding a steady stream of ways of making women insecure about their sexuality. Each edition of Cosmopolitan magazine, contains at least Six Steamy Ways to Spice Up your Sex Life or Seven Sensual Sex Moves to Send hi

Post Colonial Guilt Tripping

I have a crush on Boris Johnson, It's very unfashionable, for me, a left wing, libertarian, sometimes vegetarian to "fancy" the comic book embodiment of the conservative party circa 1892. I have watched it at least five times now, the wry little smile, the deep, luxuriant Etonian baritone, the silly little swagger of a man who is selling out in the most self aware manner. It's Boris Johnson's appearance on "Eastenders" a few years ago, one of my favourite of his goofy clips, which include "Have I Got News for You" and "Brexit- the Musical" I can lay this lapse firmly at the feet of Irish oppression, Johnson is the quintessential Protestant, English, overlord. He is John Bull, he is Briton

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