Olympic Council Considering Separate “Black Olympic Games”.

The Olympic Council has proposed a separate Olympic Games for black and mixed race people to be trialled as soon as 2024. The idea was proposed after President of the International Olympics Council, Thomas Bach, went for a few pints with Irish Olympic Council President, Pat “Mad Dog” Mullreedy. “It was just one of those things” said Mullready, “I brought the President and a few of the other lads from the international council for a few scoops after the last meeting, and sure you know, we just sort of came up with it between us like” “Them black lads are mighty, they were always very good at the runnin’ and jumpin’ but now they’re even gettin’ into the white sports like the swimmin’, it’s not

Trump Proposes That The Long Term Unemployed Can Work As "Human Guide Dogs"

Donald Trump has controversially proposed that people who have been unemployed and in receipt of state benefits for 4 years or more should work as guides for the blind. "People claim they can't find a job" he stated "I say if a dog can find a job, and you can't find a job, then you deserve to do the dog's job" Trump stated in a press release last night. He stated that it made "economic sense" that able bodied Americans should spend a minimum of four hours a day, guiding the blind and helping with such everyday tasks as grocery shopping, getting to school or simply going on a date. Mr Trump went onto say; "The average cost of training a seeing-eye dog (guide dog) is $42,000, as well as $8,000

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