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Controversial new Irish website offers customers "reassuringly average looking" babysitter

A controversial new service, launched last month offers customers “top quality child minders”, with a “shy disposition” and “homely appearance”

“Sitting Plain” is Ireland’s first ever babysitting service where it’s baby sitters are both Garda vetted, and vetted on their looks so they are deemed “too plain to cause an unwanted reaction from any excitable household males”

Spokeswoman and CEO of “Sitting Plain” Lilian O’ Dwyer explained,

“Sitting Plain” offers a comprehensive list of baby sitters on our website, we provide full length photograph and a close up shot of each sitter, women can swipe left or right on potential sitters pictures, to ensure they select a top quality sitter that will do the job unnoticed”

The company has been up and running for a month, Jackie, 43, a mum of two from Sandymount has been a regular user of the service.

“Getting suitable sitters is a nightmare, you so rarely get to go out, you spend all day getting dolled up, you think you look good and then knock knock! you’re husband can’t keep his eyes off the sexy little 17 year old that calls to the door! I’m not spending all day on the sun-bed to be outdone some foetus who spent 2 seconds on her pony tail, it can ruin a night out! ”

she went on to add

“Most of the time I try to hire older women, but they often fall asleep and I just wouldn’t trust a fella who’d be willing to babysit!”

CEO Lilian says that the business has had unexpected demand over the last month and is currently recruiting sitters from all over the country

“We hope to expand into the Nanny and Au Pair market early next year, as many women are unwilling to avail of such services for fear that their husbands will trade them in for a younger French or Spanish model”

If you are interested in availing in the service or you think you have what it takes to become a sitter just go to the website for further details.

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